Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Carrom

Carrom I believe is the game that brought us together. I still remember Nandan my test project lead at Newgen called me one day in conf room . I thought it was to discuss some work and instead he told me that there is a plan to play carrom at my home at Atta in Noida. He told me to go to CP and buy new carrom board. I left Newgen at lunch time and took auto and went to CP. I found myself short of money and went 1 KM away to ICICI bank to get some more money. I think that was the second time I withdraw money from ATM. I then went ahead a bought wooden playing 'Ghotis' and 'Striker'. We finally changed it to plastic one later.

The Carrom board was finally shifted to 437 after it was famous is my atta house. Pankaj never used to play but always rank people. The key players
were - manish/rahul/nandan/avinash. Rahul was famous to take all the 9 points. Avinash was consistent and always strike. Nandan always use to take the points with shaky fingers. I never use to take a straight point and was famous for the cuts.

Some things to remember...

1. Nandan/Manish lost 9 staright games and had to switch partners. Nandan was seen frustrated during those times.
2. Who said these famous lines' Oye Syal and Rahul thek sae kehlo.nahi tau utha ke bahar phek dunag...'.
3. We played upto 4 am with candles on four corner at my atta house.

Thanks to Carrom .

Where is that famous Carrom these days?

Who paid for Rahul's air ticket in April 2003 (Dli - GKP - Dli)

It was in April 2003 and he was the first among us to get married. The engagement happened during late 2002. Anshu, his would be wife, have met us and infact we were all together at 437 during New Year celebrations for the same year (i.e. 31st December, 2002). The marriage ceremony was to be at Gorakhpur, Syal belongs to Gorakhpur and yes we all know that he is a true punju. So all of us were to go to GKP and that also included one of another old 437 fan and my old school friend, Vinod Durga.

Incidentally Ravi didn't come with us and I dont remember why and Rahul was not in country. We took Vaishali Express and reached there a day before. Since Rahul was not in country, it was a big problem for Syal. Rahul was his half-brother and w/o him the marriage was not as colorful. So after much deliberation and planning it was decided that Rahul would tweak his work schedule so that he reaches Delhi the previous night but since there wont be enough time left to further take a train and come to GKP, he would instead take a flight. Arrangements were made so that he can pick his tickets and Syal agreed to fund the journey, probably thinking that he would get the money back :). Poor Soul.

Rahul did join us, on the day of marriage and we had lot of fun. Here's a pic of myself, Rahul, Durga and Avinash. I am in traditional ethnic wear, Rahul in a western attire with the tie and Durga and Avi in smart casuals.

After marriage, the issue of funds did come in various discussions, over bottles of beer but I guess Syal didn't get the money back. I am guessing.

If you are reading this then let me know whether Rahul should pay the money back or not and why. Or do you think that he has already paid. Should Syal ask for the money and what should the other punters do.

Best answers would qualify for the lucky draw and the winner gets a keg of beer.